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The Huichol Foundation and Dance of the Deer Foundation present a rare exhibition of indigenous Huichol art from the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico.

This exhibit includes various beaded sculptures, intricate jewelry, fine woven and stitched medicine bags, and exquisite yarn paintings.

About the Exhibition:

The artwork of the Huichol tribe is known around the globe for its vibrant color and intricate detail. What is not as widely known, are the cultural traditions that weave together the ancient symbology of the art with the visionary experiences of each artisan.

Traditional Huichol artisans must first see the patterns and symbols in a dream or vision before they create a piece of art. In this way, the artisan transmits their personal experience of the divine to others through the medium of the art.

Thus, the Huichol say that their art is a living representation of the divine.

A portion of proceeds from art sales helps to support various Huichol communities and the projects of the Huichol Foundation and Dance of the Deer Foundation.

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