$132 Donation Public Radio USB Drive

Public Radio USB Drive

When you contribute $11 a month or $132 you can receive any one of these public radio USB drives.

When you give a generous gift of $500 or you can receive all 5 USB drives.

The Diane Rehm Show USB- Pre-loaded content includes 2GB of material from the archives (nearly 30 years!). USB is made from durable, soft PVC plastic.

Fresh USB Drive- Contains the anniversary shows and interview highlights from the program's early days right up to the present (40 hours, 45 minutes of audio includes 111 interview segments and "Fresh Air in Concert" collection).

This American Life USB Drive- This USB drive contains every new episode from 2011 and all the rare interviews from USB Volume 2. It also includes an illustrated comic book guide to This American Life Show.

Radio Lab USB Drive- This flash drive features the first 5 seasons of Radiolab episodes. It includes a full 25 hours of information and storytelling accessible in a single 2 GB re-usable drive.

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me- 2GB of pre-loaded content includes 28 laugh-out-loud episodes from 2011 plus a bonus video! Flash drive comes sealed in a 100% biodegradable BIO-Film bag.