Britain's Queen Hospitalized With Apparent Stomach Ailment

Mar 3, 2013

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is in hospital where she's being treated for symptoms of gastroenteritis.

NPR's Philip Reeves is reporting on the story for out Newscast unit. Here's what he says:

"Buckingham Palace says this is a precautionary measure. It's so that doctors can better monitor the 86-year-old monarch; she first became ill last week, forcing her to call off a trip to Wales Friday. Her engagements for the coming week are now postponed or cancelled. That includes a brief trip to Italy, now in the chaotic aftermath of an inconclusive election and where Catholic cardinals are gathering to chose the next pope. The last time the queen was in hospital was a decade ago - for a minor operation. Recently, she's been in good health — and enjoying a surge in popularity. All eyes will now be on King Edward Hospital in London, where she's expected to spend several days."

The BBC reports that she's expected to remain in hospital under observation for about two days.

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