California Condor hatches in Big Sur

Pacific Grove, CA – PACIFIC GROVE, CA (2007-04-10) Efforts to restore the Endangered California Condor hit a milestone Monday (4/9/2007). A condor chick hatched in the wild for the first time in more than a hundred years in Central California. A pair of condors released in Big Sur's remote Ventana Wilderness laid a fertile egg in February. Biologists with the Ventana Wildlife Society removed that egg to hatch at the Los Angeles Zoo. This weekend, wildlife biologist Joe Burnett brought back a hatching egg to the pair's nest high in a cliff cave. KAZU's Rachael McDonald spoke with Burnett after he visited the nest Monday afternoon.

Tag: Joe Burnett with the Ventana Wildlife Society says the biggest danger to Condor's in the wild comes from lead bullet fragments the birds ingest when they feed on carcasses left by hunters. Ventana Wildlife Society National Parks Conservation Association