KAZU Boxanne Bluetooth Speaker

KAZU Bluetooth Speaker

Click here to donate. When you contribute $240 (or $20 a month), you can choose the pocket sized KAZU Boxanne Bluetooth® Speaker. It is adorned with the KAZU Otter, she's up-to-date on the latest news because she's tuned in to the KAZU App on her mobile (and let's hope water proof) device. She appreciates how NPR dives deep into the story, similar to how she dives deep to find shellfish. The speaker has a built in subwoofer and 3 watt speaker. You'll enjoy 5 hours of audio playback and up to a 33 foot wireless range, powered by Lithium Ion batteries. The built in microphone and portability makes it ideal for conference calls.

Dimensions: 2 3/5”W x 2 ½”H x 1 1/3”D

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