Monterey County voters: Sit down and Compromise

Monterey County, CA – The word from Monterey County voters in Tuesday's special election was NO. No to Measure A, the slow growth general plan initiative. No to Measure B, the repeal of the county-written, development-friendly update to the 1982 general plan or GPU4. No to Measure C, which asked for approval of GPU4. And no to Measure D, a scaled-down version of the controversial Rancho San Juan development project. Now, a judge will probably have to rule on whether voters actually approved GPU4 by voting against repealing it. But a top election law professor at UCLA told KAZU that Measure B will probably get thrown out. So for now, it appears the 1982 county General Plan will remains in effect.

We have two reports: KAZU's Ben Adler at the No on A party at the Steinbeck Center in Salinas, and KAZU's Rachael McDonald at the Yes on A party at Mountain Mike's Pizza in Marina.

ALSO: For an overview of the night's results -- and an explanation of why a judge is likely to overturn Measure B -- Click here to listen to this KAZU News update (or right-click and select "save as" to download).