Erika Mahoney

A new city-run homeless camp in Santa Cruz is reaching homeless people who don’t normally turn up at shelters.  

Krista Almanzan

The number of homeless deaths in Santa Cruz County has reached a new high.  The fifty people who died homeless in 2017 were honored in a memorial service Tuesday.

Erika Mahoney

Today Monterey County will open a parking lot as a safe place for the homeless to car camp overnight. But it may be a while before anyone uses the space.    

Erika Mahoney

A Monterey County road on the outskirts of Marina that has grown into a homeless community is getting new restrictions.

As the weather gets colder, providing shelter for the homeless becomes a bigger priority throughout California.   In Monterey County, the homeless population far outnumbers the amount of available shelter beds; being homeless means you probably don’t know where you are going to sleep tonight.