Krista Almanzan

There’s a saying at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca: “for people, not for profit”.  That’s because behind the multi-million dollar events that happen at the track off Highway 68 is the non-profit Sports Car Racing Association of the Monterey Peninsula (SCRAMP).

SCRAMP built the raceway from the ground up back in 1957 on land owned by Monterey County, and has run the facility ever since.  But today it finds itself on shaky ground with its landlord.

Krista Almanzan

If you want to see the future of California, look no further than Salinas.  That’s the assertion of a four month reporting project by the journalism non-profit Zocalo Public Square.   It’s called Salinas: California’s Richest Poor City

'Wild' Draws Huge Crowds To The Pacific Crest Trail

Jul 31, 2015
Leslie McClurg

The Pacific Crest Trail runs 2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada. Usually, a few hundred hardy souls make the trek every year. But this year, the number of people attempting the arduous journey is in the thousands.

The Tuolumne Meadows post office in Yosemite National Park is packed. Ragged hikers wait in a long twisting line outside.

Inside the tiny post office, packages are tightly stacked from floor to ceiling. Boxes spill out into the adjoining café.  Hiker Max Bennett is praying new shoes from his girlfriend arrive soon.

Krista Almanzan

Judith Quinones lays out pictures of her late husband Abel on an ottoman in the living room of her assisted living community.

“This is my favorite one of Abel.  He looks nice.   I just love it,” says Quinones holding a photo of a younger Abel.  It was taken before he rose to the rank of Master Chief in the Navy where he served around the world including in Vietnam. 

Krista Almanzan

In the military, drones often fly on solo missions, but now researchers, including some in the Monterey Bay Area, are working on ways to have several drones work together as a group or swarm.

In an experiment at Camp Roberts in southern Monterey County, researchers from the Naval Postgraduate School have loaded a V-shaped drone,  they call a flying wing, onto what looks like a giant sling shot.