Doug McKnight



Preliminary election results show a commanding lead for Democrat Jimmy Panetta in the race for California Congressional District 20.  Republican Casey Lucius is currently a distant second. 

Doug McKnight

California’s June 7th Primary election may see the largest increase in new voters in decades.

The Monterey County Elections Office looks like a department store at Christmas. New voters are registering to vote.  Others are asking questions.  And the staff is gearing up for what is likely to be a very busy night.

Doug McKnight

On the heels of Hillary Clinton’s visit to Salinas, Bernie Sanders is in the middle of his own California tour.  The candidate for the Democratic nomination for President he held rallies in Santa Cruz and Monterey Tuesday.  

Julia Wong

Zach Lim jostles side to side in the backseat of an SUV. It’s winding up an unpaved road deep into the Santa Cruz Mountains.

“Any time I go out hiking,” says Lim, “even just walking in the park, I’ll just flip over a log or something. If I see anything, could be a salamander or a lizard, I’ll just write down where I found it, time, date.”

Lim is a herper. He loves snakes like birders love birds.

While serpents could spoil a hike for some, Lim goes out of his way to find them. It turns out his hobby is helping advance science.

Casey Nichols

As hundreds of Hillary Clinton supporters waited in line for hours outside the gym at Hartnell Community College, a few dozen protesters lined the sidewalk.  They held signs that read things like “Hillary for Prison” and “Vieja Mentirosa” (Old Liar).