Warren Poitras, Carmel Valley


Almost everyone has a story of where they were on September 11th, 2001, but not many can tell it from the cockpit of a 747 Jumbo Jet.  On 9-11, Phyllis Cleveland of Carmel Valley was the pilot of United Airlines Flight 810, from Osaka, Japan, to San Francisco with about 240 passengers on board. 

Amy Quinton / Capital Public Radio

Aerial surveys around the state show more than 20 million dead trees so far this year. The drought has a partner in crime – the pine beetle. If this deadly combination continues it could drastically change California’s forested landscape.  

To understand the impact of the drought in the Sierra Nevada forests, one need only visit Al Anderson’s 800-acre ranch in Mariposa County.

Loggers are busy cutting down dead trees on his property. Anderson says over the last two years, he’s watched his trees die.

Tyson V Ringer / BBC / Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay has made a dramatic comeback in recent decades ever since it was designated a National Marine Sanctuary back in 1992.  That’s what inspired the BBC and PBS to showcase the Monterey Bay in a three day live special that begins tonight on PBS.   I recently spoke with one of the producers of Big Blue Live, Bill Margol of PBS.  He took me on a tour of Big Blue Live’s home base at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  

Krista Almanzan

For kids growing up on the Central Coast, actually getting to the ocean can depend on their socioeconomic status or where their families live.

Some young people surf and explore in the tide pools, while others never visit the Bay.  But here's some good news: the Monterey Bay region is teeming with programs to inspire the next generation of marine scientists, no matter who they are or where they come from. 

Andrew Nixon / Capital Public Radio

Walnuts are one of the highest value crops in California -- bringing in almost $2 billion every year. But keeping the crop free of destructive insects can be costly.

Scientists are studying if walnut growers could reduce their pest control costs by employing hungry bats.

Sean McNamara is walking toward a white barn at his family’s walnut orchards outside of Winters.  "So here are three boxes," says McNamara.  He looks up about 15 feet at bat boxes attached to the side of the barn.