KindPeoples Collective

Santa Cruz is known for being relatively friendly to taxes and to marijuana. On Tuesday, voters in the city and county of Santa Cruz weigh those two together as they consider a new tax on medical marijuana businesses.

The inside of the Kind Peoples Collective -- a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary on Soquel Avenue in Santa Cruz County -- actually looks a lot like a coffee shop or juice bar. There’s music playing, T-shirts for sale and the products are displayed behind spotless glass.

William Roden, New Dawn Studios


The gang violence in Salinas is felt by nearly everyone from families to teachers to clergy and law enforcement.   They are the inspiration for local choreographer Fran Spector’s East West.

Krista Almanzan

Walking into Salinas City Hall, the first thing you might notice are the business hours posted on the front door: “Closed Friday, Saturday and Sunday”.  But this perpetual three day weekend is nothing to celebrate. 

Salinas City Manager Ray Corpuz says, it’s a reflection of how the recession has hurt the city’s budget.  “Trying to serve the public with just four days has been a very difficult challenge,” says Corpuz.

Doug McKnight

  In the upcoming election, no race has been more contentious in Monterey County than the one for Sheriff.  Deputy Steve Bernal is running to replace his boss Sheriff Scott Miller.  The race between these two men highlights the discord within the Sheriff’s Department.  During the course of the campaign -- Miller has been dealt a no confidence vote from the union representing his deputies – and settled a federal lawsuit brought on by the union over allegedly campaigning in uniform.  Miller’s campaign calls these the acts of disgruntled employees, including his opponent.

Krista Almanzan

Fort Ord closed on September 30, 1994.  It was one of the largest U.S. military bases ever shutdown.  The closure left behind an area of land the size of San Francisco.  

Today the base is home to a university, National Monument and construction is underway on a new joint Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense heath care center.   But after 20 years, a lot of work still remains.