Krista Almanzan

As most college kids are getting ready for their winter classes, students who want a career in tech are busy preparing for summer.  Right now they’re interviewing for internships. 

That’s where we find a unique class of college students we first met about a year ago.   They’re from the Salinas Valley, many the children of farm workers or immigrants themselves, who are working towards careers in Silicon Valley. 

On January 2nd , California becomes the tenth state to issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants after they pass the written test, the driving test and buy insurance.

The bill known as AB60 was written by State Assemblyman Luis Alejo of Watsonville.  He says the license will look like any California driver’s license except in the upper right  hand corner there are three words, “Federal Limits Apply”.  (see picture above)

John G. Zimmerman / John G. Zimmerman Archive

You may not know the name John G. Zimmerman, but if you’ve ever picked up a Sports Illustrated, Ebony or Life Magazine, you likely know his work.  Zimmerman made his home on the Monterey Peninsula until he passed away in 2002.  His daughter still lives here and she’s working on his archive.  It’s a time consuming process that recently led her on a fascinating journey back in time.  

A Courthouse Fixture Fights to Stay Afloat

Dec 12, 2014
Julie Reynolds

Randy Henson has been a fixture in Monterey County courts for 32 years. Henson runs the courthouse snack bar. Like scores of other vendors in courthouses and government buildings around the state, he is legally blind.

“The central vision loss was instantaneous,” he said. It happened in fifth grade. “I came back in after recess and the teacher asked me to read something from the history book and I was like plunking along.”

He discovered he had something Stanford scientists call Wolfram’s Syndrome, which he says mimic diabetes in addition to causing blindness.

A powerful storm moving through the Monterey Bay Area has downed trees, flooded roadways and knocked out power throughout the region.