Samantha Clark

Driscoll’s, the world’s largest berry distributor, has a reputation of being socially responsible in an industry often criticized for abuses. Even so, farmworkers and activists are targeting the family-owned company, saying it allows unfair labor practices.

Krista Almanzan

For many college students spring break is a time to party, travel or just sleep and relax.  But across the nation some are choosing public service over partying. 

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The CEMEX Lapis Sand Plant in Marina has less than two weeks to respond to a Coastal Commission investigation that could shut it down. At issue is beach erosion in the southern Monterey Bay. The plant is blamed for helping make coastal erosion here the highest in the state.   


Doug McKnight

A new report from the Middlebury Institute finds that marine industries like aquaculture, tourism, and offshore mineral exploration are booming as people flock to coastal cities. But overall, federal spending on the oceans, from research funding to hazard mitigation, has fallen by almost a billion dollars since 2012. Report co-author Charles Colgan, says that growth without government support means coasts aren’t preparing for climate change— a recipe for economic and environmental disaster.  

Amy McDermott

The Monterey Bay Area is in the middle of its wettest winter in years, putting hillsides from Davenport to Big Sur at greater risk for mudslides. While the conditions are ripe, it’s hard to know when and where the land will give way. But prediction is critical, because an unexpected  collapse can leave tragedy in its wake.