Erika Mahoney

California is home to the tallest and oldest trees on Earth. The state’s trees are humbling and magnificent, but they’re also very vulnerable. After five years of drought, trees are struggling to survive against unprecedented die-off.

James Tensuan

An indoor soccer arena in Watsonville smells like sweat. As music pumps from the speakers, two teams fight for control of the ball.

The players at this tournament have met before, but under different circumstances. One team wears navy. They’re law enforcement officers.

The other team comes from the Aztecas Soccer Academy, a program under the Santa Cruz County Probation Department that’s giving former gang members and at-risk youth a second chance. They wear purple.

Doug McKnight



Preliminary election results show a commanding lead for Democrat Jimmy Panetta in the race for California Congressional District 20.  Republican Casey Lucius is currently a distant second. 

Doug McKnight

California’s June 7th Primary election may see the largest increase in new voters in decades.

The Monterey County Elections Office looks like a department store at Christmas. New voters are registering to vote.  Others are asking questions.  And the staff is gearing up for what is likely to be a very busy night.

Doug McKnight

On the heels of Hillary Clinton’s visit to Salinas, Bernie Sanders is in the middle of his own California tour.  The candidate for the Democratic nomination for President he held rallies in Santa Cruz and Monterey Tuesday.