courtesy: Dan White

Camping is an American summer tradition.  But if you are like Santa Cruz author Dan White you both love and hate the experience.  For his new book Under the Stars: How America Fell in Love With Camping, White crisscrossed the nation and delved into the history of camping.   He recently spoke with Rick Kleffel.


Today the owners of the CEMEX Sand Mine in Marina will miss yet another deadline to formally respond to the California Coastal Commission.  The sand mine has been operating on the coast of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary without a permit, but the Commission only recently took action. 

Thanks to Wong family photo collection

The late journalist Herb Wong covered the Monterey Jazz Festival since its start in 1958.  Known for his encyclopedic knowledge of jazz, Wong was also a record producer, educator and radio DJ on the former KJAZ in San Francisco.   

Erika Mahoney

California is home to the tallest and oldest trees on Earth. The state’s trees are humbling and magnificent, but they’re also very vulnerable. After five years of drought, trees are struggling to survive against unprecedented die-off.

James Tensuan

An indoor soccer arena in Watsonville smells like sweat. As music pumps from the speakers, two teams fight for control of the ball.

The players at this tournament have met before, but under different circumstances. One team wears navy. They’re law enforcement officers.

The other team comes from the Aztecas Soccer Academy, a program under the Santa Cruz County Probation Department that’s giving former gang members and at-risk youth a second chance. They wear purple.