National Park Status Boosts Tourism and Hopes

Jun 26, 2014
Madison Williams

About a year ago, Pinnacles National Monument became Pinnacles National Park. The new designation was expected to boost tourism at the park and economic development in nearby cities like Soledad.  So has it?

“Pinnacles is full of possibilities for the visitor: hiking, bird-watching, getting close to the geology by climbing,” said Karen Beppler-Dorn, Superintendent at Pinnacles National Park.

Hacking For Good at the Fishackathon

Jun 19, 2014
Doug McKnight


Hacking has a bad reputation – think the recent breaches of credit card systems at Target and Neiman Marcus. But there is a movement underway where computer coders are hacking for the public good.   And it happened this past weekend at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Isha Dandavate and her three friends from UC Berkeley huddle in a conference room at the Monterey Bay Aquarium -- sitting just few yards from exhibits celebrating marine life. 

Ifame Lab & Megan Bassett


Using the first ever sea floor maps of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, marine biologists are now cataloging what lives there, and in the process helping those who manage the preserve. 

Dr. James Lindholm points to a video monitor in a research lab at Institute for Applied Marine Ecology at CSU Monterey Bay, KAZU’s parent institution, and says, “We are going over a rocky reef.”

Krista Almanzan

Jim Bauer’s muscles are all that power his bright yellow ocean row boat. He sits on a gliding seat where he pushes his legs back while pulling the oars to propel his boat away from the Monterey Wharf and out into the bay.

He’s headed out for a test run before the Great Pacific Race, a 2100 nautical mile human powered trip from Monterey to Honolulu Hawaii.  The inaugural race is scheduled to begin Monday, and will become a bi-annual event.

Krista Almanzan


Santa Cruz’s annual LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) pride celebration marks its 40th anniversary this Sunday.  Over the years, the event has evolved from a march for recognition and rights, to a celebration. 

Larry Friedman is one of the founders of the original event, now called Santa Cruz Pride.  He says the first Pride included a picnic and a men versus women tug of war across the San Lorenzo River.  It was 1975.