KAZU Local
6:53 pm
Thu August 27, 2009

StoryCorps Monterey Bay Area: Sue & Maisy Spence-Sharpe

Salinas, CA – Sue and Janice Spence-Sharpe of Carmel Valley traveled thousands of miles to start their family. Sue shares the story with their now 11-year-old daughter Maisy.

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KAZU Local
1:07 pm
Thu August 20, 2009

StoryCorps Monterey Bay Area: Jim & Mary Jane Nee

Salinas, CA – Beginning in the summer of 1992, Mary Jane Nee and her father Jim Nee of Santa Cruz set out on a cross country bike ride. They aimed to spend two weeks on the ride every summer until they made it from coast to coast. Along the way, they discovered it's the little things in life that can keep you going.

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KAZU Local
7:00 pm
Thu August 13, 2009

StoryCorps Monterey Bay Area: J & Sonja Jackson

Salinas, CA – People will go to great lengths for the one they love. J and Sonja Jackson of Pacific Grove show that in a very unique way.

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KAZU Local
12:51 pm
Thu August 6, 2009

StoryCorps Monterey Bay Area: Alex & Angela Urciuoli

Salinas, CA – The power of kindness changed Alex Urciuoli's life. In an interview with his wife Angela, he talks about his second grade teacher. He remembers her as an always positive, grandmotherly woman who had the greatest impact on his life when he reached the third grade.

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KAZU Local
1:57 pm
Fri July 17, 2009

Community Organizes Against Foreclosures

Yolanda and Lauro Navarro sit in their dining room. Their Watsonville home is in foreclosure.

Watsonville, CA – If owning a home is the American Dream, then Lauro and Yolanda Navarro have lived the dream three times over. They bought their first home in Watsonville in the 1980s and then the couple inherited a second home. But the dream turned into a nightmare when they leveraged both those homes to build the house they live in today.

They are facing foreclosure because of a series of events: a bank dispute, costly legal battle with their contractor and job loss.

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