KAZU Local
2:55 am
Thu March 1, 2007

Tagging Monarch Butterflies

Pacific Grove, CA – There's a reason Pacific Grove, California calls itself Butterfly Town USA . Every year thousands of Western Monarch butterflies come here to spend the winter. Wildlife biologists are trying to learn more about where else the insects spend their time, so they're tagging them. How do you attach a label to a delicate Monarch butterfly? KAZU tagged along with biologists to find out.

Ventana Wildlife Society: www.ventanaws.org

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KAZU Local
8:57 am
Wed February 21, 2007

Dueling government edicts have growers' tempers on edge

KAZU Local
1:00 am
Tue February 20, 2007

Monterey's downtown businesses recover from fire

Monterey, CA – A long recovery in downtown Monterey has begun. A fire destroyed a historic section of this historic city. Tenants of the burned building in the 400 block of Alvarado Street may finally get to salvage their belongings this week. The fire occurred late at night on February 7th, but safety concerns have kept the building closed and business is suffering.

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KAZU Local
5:04 am
Fri February 2, 2007

Calif. lawmaker: Regulate leafy greens industry

Sacramento, CA – Is it the government's duty to make sure the food we eat is healthy? A California State Senator thinks so. The agriculture industry is just finishing up their new food safety guidelines for growing leafy greens. But Democrat Dean Florez from the southern Central Valley has introduced three bills to require even stronger safety measures. Local growers, not surprisingly, are none too pleased. KAZU's Ben Adler reports.

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KAZU Local
2:07 am
Wed January 24, 2007

Will Farr give Bush's new Iraq plan a chance? "I doubt it"

Washington, DC – The Monterey Bay Area's representative in Congress, Rep. Sam Farr (D-Carmel), reacts to President Bush's State of the Union Address Tuesday night, discussing Iraq, domestic issues and more.

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