KAZU Local
2:07 am
Wed January 24, 2007

Will Farr give Bush's new Iraq plan a chance? "I doubt it"

Washington, DC – The Monterey Bay Area's representative in Congress, Rep. Sam Farr (D-Carmel), reacts to President Bush's State of the Union Address Tuesday night, discussing Iraq, domestic issues and more.

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KAZU Local
9:29 am
Tue January 16, 2007

Aquarium lets its second great white shark go

Monterey, CA – The Monterey Bay Aquarium bid farewell to its most popular guest Tuesday. The young, male great white shark spent the last four and a half months on display. But it grew 9 inches and about 70 pounds during that time. At 6-foot-5, 171 pounds, the shark was simply too big for captivity - rubbing its snout on the walls - so the aquarium had to let it go. KAZU's Ben Adler spoke with aquarium curator Christina Slager.

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KAZU Local
8:33 am
Thu January 11, 2007

Food safety guidelines for Calif. growers "a very good effort"

Salinas, CA – KAZU has confirmed that new food safety guidelines for California growers will focus on water testing, soil amendments (like compost), and wildlife activity -- plus distance from possible contamination sources. They do not include guidelines for worker sanitation or equipment sanitation. KAZU's Ben Adler reports.

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KAZU Local
10:47 am
Wed January 3, 2007

Supervisors could put dueling General Plans on ballot