KAZU Local
8:29 am
Mon November 6, 2006

BALCO reporters on Bonds, steroids, journalism

Pacific Grove, CA – To many San Francisco Giants fans, Barry Bonds is a hero. To a lot of other baseball fans, he's a cheat and a liar. The question of steroid use by Bonds and several other superstars has been raised in large part by the work of two San Francisco Chronicle reporters, Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams. The authors of the book Game of Shadows were in town for the CSUMB Author's Table series and they spoke with KAZU's Ben Adler.

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KAZU Local
1:11 am
Fri November 3, 2006

Week in Review, 11/03/06: Midterm Elections

Pacific Grove, CA – On Fridays, we take a look at the week in politics and normally, we look at local politics. But when NPR political junkie Ken Rudin stops by, we just can't resist catching that midterm elections bug.

KAZU's Ben Adler speaks with Rudin about a close congressional race near the Monterey Bay Area ... and much more. Here's the whole conversation you didn't hear on the air.

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KAZU Local
8:47 am
Thu November 2, 2006

So what's this ranch look like?

Paicines, CA – Farmlands on four ranches are the focus of the government's investigation into the recent E. coli outbreak in spinach, and today, we're taking you to one of those properties: Paicines Ranch. The grower that's leased the farmland on that ranch is Mission Organics, and its operator, Otto Kramm, has told KAZU he's under investigation. KAZU's Ben Adler took a trip out to the ranch.

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KAZU Local
12:48 am
Wed November 1, 2006

Ranch in San Benito County linked to E. coli outbreak

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11:24 am
Tue October 31, 2006

What's in that pumpkin patch?

Castroville, CA – The first in an ongoing series about local businesses that are getting it right. KAZU will soon bring you stories about a local bio-diesel startup in Gonzales and a winemaker in Marina putting new twists on old traditions.

For more history on the pumpkin's role in Halloween, paste these addresses on your browser.



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