KAZU Local
12:28 am
Tue October 31, 2006

What's in that pumpkin patch?

Castroville, CA – Paste these links in your browser to find out more about the history of pumpkins and the Jack O Lantern.

More giant pumpkins.

A history of the Jack O Lantern.

Boston loves the pumpkin.

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KAZU Local
2:51 am
Fri October 27, 2006

Singing for Propositions

Monterey, Ca – Voting guide links:
Official State Voting Guide

Cal Voter Foundation:

California League of Women Voters:

Marc Cabrera's blog:

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KAZU Local
1:01 am
Fri October 27, 2006

Week in Review, 10/27/06: Monterey County

Salinas, CA – KAZU's Ben Adler talks with Monterey County Herald city editor Joe Livernois about the just-ended Hartnell Community College teachers' strike.

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KAZU Local
6:39 am
Wed October 25, 2006

For Salinas, financial comeback means more library hours

Salinas, CA – The city of Salinas has faced a lot of bad news over the last couple of years - the near closure of the public libraries in John Steinbeck's hometown gang violence and most recently, tainted spinach. Now, at least, there's some good news on that first story. KAZU's Ben Adler reports.

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KAZU Local
8:44 am
Fri October 20, 2006

Why do giant sharks live in shallow water?

Moss Landing, CA – Okay, so the Jaws theme and KAZU's story on the Monterey Bay Aquarium's great white shark got KAZU's John Sepulvado thinking. There's one scene in that movie, where the skipper and the scientist are talking about the shark that's killing people. And the skipper says he'll help with the hunt, but, he adds, they're going to need a bigger boat.

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