KAZU Local
8:22 am
Fri April 28, 2006

Nuestra Familia: Our Family


Salinas, CA – "Salinas is seen as almost a mystical place by the NF. It's sort of - I wouldn't equate it with Mecca, so much, but it is Salas - S-A-L-A-S. You see Salas tattooed on a gang member, he's got immediate credibility."
-- From the documentary "Nuestra Familia: Our Family"

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KAZU Local
6:33 am
Thu April 27, 2006

MediaNews to Buy <i>Herald</i>

Monterey, CA – The Monterey County Herald will have a new owner this summer - Denver-based MediaNews. Knight Ridder agreed to sell all of its newspapers - including the Herald and San Jose Mercury News - to the McClatchy Company last month. McClatchy announced Wednesday it would re-sell four of those papers. MediaNews will pay a billion dollars in cash - with backing from the Hearst Corporation. KAZU's Ben Adler reports.

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KAZU Local
9:26 am
Thu April 20, 2006

New MIIS President on school's mission and future