KAZU Local
10:48 am
Mon May 1, 2006

Immigration rally empties fields, transforms Salinas

Salinas, CA – More than 10-thousand people marched through the streets of Salinas Monday, rallying for immigration reform in the city's biggest organized march since the days of Cesar Chavez. The march emptied the fields, closed businesses and made East Salinas look like a neighborhood celebrating a major holiday. KAZU's Ben Adler reports.

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KAZU Local
8:22 am
Fri April 28, 2006

Nuestra Familia: Our Family


Salinas, CA – "Salinas is seen as almost a mystical place by the NF. It's sort of - I wouldn't equate it with Mecca, so much, but it is Salas - S-A-L-A-S. You see Salas tattooed on a gang member, he's got immediate credibility."
-- From the documentary "Nuestra Familia: Our Family"

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KAZU Local
6:33 am
Thu April 27, 2006

MediaNews to Buy <i>Herald</i>

Monterey, CA – The Monterey County Herald will have a new owner this summer - Denver-based MediaNews. Knight Ridder agreed to sell all of its newspapers - including the Herald and San Jose Mercury News - to the McClatchy Company last month. McClatchy announced Wednesday it would re-sell four of those papers. MediaNews will pay a billion dollars in cash - with backing from the Hearst Corporation. KAZU's Ben Adler reports.

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KAZU Local
9:26 am
Thu April 20, 2006

New MIIS President on school's mission and future