Erika Mahoney

Maintaining historic buildings is expensive and often relies on the goodwill of donors and volunteers. In many places, that model is failing. So the National Trust for Historic Preservation is trying something new. And it’s starting with a historic building in Monterey.  

Doug McKnight

Salvador Dali is returning to Monterey.  Back in the 1940s, the Spanish artist lived there part time.  Now Monterey will become home to the first permanent exhibition of his Surrealist work on the west coast in a new museum called Dali17. 

Doug McKnight

A new report from the Middlebury Institute finds that marine industries like aquaculture, tourism, and offshore mineral exploration are booming as people flock to coastal cities. But overall, federal spending on the oceans, from research funding to hazard mitigation, has fallen by almost a billion dollars since 2012. Report co-author Charles Colgan, says that growth without government support means coasts aren’t preparing for climate change— a recipe for economic and environmental disaster.